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Building Bones was written during the pandemic 2020 when we were coming out of lockdown and into the summer I turned 30 - the song wrote itself and I guess it's about re-parenting and what makes up who we think we are + who we are - ego and spirit - the journey home to myself. I went to Martin @gingerdope with my vision and feeling for the video and she yet again made dreams real - we shot the video in Bristol - retracing the walks I took myself on that got me through the earlier days of the pandemic.

"THE STORM was written in 2017 when I was wading through the end of a traumatic relationship - there is personal symbolism in the video as well as the song itself -

I went to Martin @gingerdope in 2020 during the pandemic with my idea for the music video and something clicked straight away - Martin understood what I wanted to do and made me feel safe doing it - the filming of the video was cathartic and ritualistic - something about being half naked in the cold morning - and then on the second attempt - evening - dancing with the sun and blue veil - Martin and camera dancing with me - it was a magical and empowering process. This was our first time working together and certainly not the last."

LONE WOLF was written in June 2017  in the French countryside where I was in the midst of an extremely harmful relationship and was experiencing a profound sense of unbelonging to the people I was currently on tour with - I took myself for a walk and it was while staring out into the landscape of tree covered hills and listening to the wild make it's own music that the song revealed itself to me - I knew in that moment that I had to leave.


In February 2018 I went to Thailand as part of my healing journey with two friends - taking not much and my new partners GoPro - I and Vicky Bee shot the music video for LONE WOLF on our travels. 

FOOL was written in 2013 while processing the end of a turbulent 5 year relationship - Some years later my good friend Michael Dey - HOMONYM - joined me in performing the song while we were on tour together - Michael had the idea to do this live recording from Michaels parents home and we released a split ep together in September 2015 featuring FOOL and Micky Dey's - LATE NIGHT WONDERER

The music video for RUN was shot in 2014 when I was collaborating with Colour Me Wednesday and The Tuts - The Perkettes and Dovetown Records were created - The video was shot on a mini tour we did together.

Listen to 'Run'
from album - Time Machines
April 2014

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