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Perkie, Pal and Lou Moon have joined up to do a tour. Having bonded and appreciated each others music at their local open mic night Time Of The Month hosted by Leila King at Cibomatto / Cafe 5 in east Bristol they decided it was a great idea to organise a tour where they perform their own individual sets but accompany each other, particularly with luscious ethereal and at times crunchy harmonies and backing vocals. Their aim for this tour is to be as wholesome as possible playing in queer friendly intimate spaces to match their queer and wholesome vibes.


Writing songs since primary school and touring from the age of 16. Perkie releases the subconscious in their writing, a time for reflection, learning, communicating and connecting with other people. Their music and words are a cultivation of past and present lives ranging from hopeful and invigorating to haunting and lost. Being with her live is a meditative experience that can leave you with goosebumps.

Lou Moon

lou moon creates an angsty, earthy sound world brimming with natural metaphor, stark imagery and earnest lyrics which explore the intensity of the interplay between mental health and relationships, spirituality and symbolism, vulnerability, and queerness in all its forms.


Singing songs about the big questions and the small, funny things in love and life, Pal’s music is an invitation to connect over what feels personal, but is collective. Gentle melodies with mantra- like guitar parts combine with honest and direct observations, bringing into question the dichotomy of soft and powerful, and subverting the gendered stereotypes of confessional song writing

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