rest and repair

Bristol, UK


Holistic Massage does not see the body, mind, spirit as separate, therefore treats you as a whole. A wide range of techniques that help regulate the nervous system and have direct effect can be used, including - energy holds - myofascial release - trigger point work - deep tissue - breath work - bone tapping - EFT tapping - mobilisation and stretching - Facial Acupressure - depending on your specific needs.


Head Massage

In this private session we will begin with a full consultation to assess where to focus our attention in order to create the best possible massage for the day, taking into account your emotional, energetic and physical being. With a combination of intuition and report we will both be guided through the session.  At the end we will discuss your feelings and experiences and come up with a simple aftercare plan that you can practise in your own time.


It's recommended that you drink plenty of water. Most people feel physically and mentally very relaxed after a session so it's suggested you have some quiet time. Sessions can bring up suppressed emotions so you may find for a few days you feel more emotional as you continue to release pent up feelings.



What I offer is nurturing intentional touch. I am not here to "fix" you, I am here to help you help yourself by exploring techniques that access the state of rest and repair. If you want to feel more relaxed, comfortable, confident, energised or just need to be present with whatever is there. If you want to return home to yourself - and you feel booking a session or regular sessions could be beneficial to you - lets give it a go!

I also offer online guided self care sessions via zoom for those that cannot come in to see me for whatever reason.

£50 for 60 mins
£100 for 2 hours

If you cannot afford the prices above please get in touch and we can sort something out. I have limited availability for concession rates.